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Updates from the Development Team


In the monitor, we added to your account an additional sheet with information on Staking.

Now you can see the following information there:

Active balance shows the funds you can spend right now

Your own balance CS shows your active balance plus the funds delegated. So when delegation is returned, this balance will be updated accordingly

Available Stake CS amount available for staking

Delegated CS funds delegated by this account, and address where to

Delegated in CS funds delegated to this account, and by whom

Find this added feature in your account. The screenshot is below.

Digital Bank

The team is preparing the release of a new version of Digital Bank. 

This week we are testing how Bitcoin works in the Bank. 

We are checking that balances reflected correctly, testing exchange, and purchase on the card. 

Today we will be loading the pre-release version for the final test. 

List of wallets inside the Digital Bank ( screenshot below) 

Inside of wallet (screenshot)

The release date is very soon! Be with us.
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