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Q&A Session with Credits’ CEO, Igor Chugunov, Jan 19th.

Hello all. 

We are resuming our Q&A Sessions. Below I have covered questions related to the company strategy, vision, and business, received from our community recently. 

Q: “When is the promised video with Igor?”

A: The reason for the delay in video publishing is that we would like to come out with good news and confirmed dates for the product releases. We are experiencing some delays on the development side but they are almost solved now. So we decided to produce the video when all is clear and we can make announcements with confidence in timely delivery.

Q: “Does the Credits team ever post videos/pics of their office?”

A: In the past we did. Right now due to pandemic and lock-down Credits team works remotely so we can not make a video from the office these days. But when the situation changes and we come back to the office, we will of course. 

Q: “Any news about roadmap this 2021?”

A: It is ready and will be released today/tomorrow.

Q: “What’s the circulating supply now?”

A: Circulation supply after the burn is 223,456,423.

Q: “When will CMC be updated with credits being a coin now and new supply???”

A: CoinMarketCap and Coingecko are updating their resources with new information, it is in the process. 

Q: “Why we are not ready for a capacity test?”

Q: “Anything new at CS... Did we test the speed?”

A: We have done a great job preparing for the Speed/Load Test. Right now the issue is that large amounts of data transfer lead to large consumption of the node memory. Sometimes it causes node memory to stop. The problem is localized and we are looking for a solution. In parallel to this, we are preparing written conditions and config files for participating in the Public Speed/Load test and hope to announce the date for the test very soon. In addition to this, we are holding this week internal tests with external developers to confirm the results and conditions for the test before the Public Speed/Load Test. 

Q: “Is the node max amount still getting capped at 500k? I think I first read it, it was coming in mid-November, then I read admin say mid-December but now I guess it is not happening?”

A: Restriction of the cap at 500k is already implemented and tested but yet not loaded to the public blockchain. I think we will arrange an upgrade on January 25th, when we finish testing other parts of the new functions. So we will load at once all the updates prepared in the last quarter of 2020.

Q: “Why CS has chosen Bilaxy, what is the argumentation behind this choice?”

A: We are considering and negotiating with different exchanges. We are looking for the best match at the offered listing/exchange services/price. We choose those exchanges which proposals are adequate. As you know some of them are giving a high price for very little service. So the logic of our choice was based on the fact that Bilaxy gave us a reasonable in our opinion price, their support and technical team have added our coin to the exchange in less than a week, and in general their support is pretty good. 

Q: “Did you ever considered merging your company with a financial- and technical strong partner in order to save your company, your company value, your blockchain product, and your seat?”

A: Yes, sure. Merging & Acquisition is a common practice. We are considering these options. If we receive any good interesting proposals for M&A, we will proceed with it.

Q: “Where can I buy coins directly from without too much verification?”

A: Up to a certain amount of coins you can buy without KYC from Kucoin. 

Q: “What will be done to attract new projects/developers on Credits?”

A: For blockchain - constant update of technical documentation, marketing, and PR campaigns. For crypto and fintech products - business development, advertising, marketing, and  PR campaigns.

I hope I have provided here full answers and thank you all for sending us questions!

Please remember we collect them in our social media and TG chats during the week, and answer them each Tuesday. Anything else you wanted to ask us, you are very welcome to do so on our channels!

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