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Updates from the development team: speed/load test.

Dear Credits Community,

Here is the latest update on the Speed/Load Test of the Credits Blockchain.

Over the last couple of months, the team has completed several internal tests to ensure the smooth running of the blockchain and trying to reach the highest TPS possible.

We have prepared the minimum technical specifications for joining the Speed Test for those, wishing to participate.

We have also composed a config file that will be distributed among all participants before the test. 

This week, as a final stage of preparation for the Public Speed/Load test, we’ve started to run internal tests involving third-party testers.

During the test held this week, we discovered a critical bug that needs to be corrected. This issue appeared to exist only in the network with more than a few dozen nodes during the high loads. 

When this bug is fixed, we will run a few more such tests to ensure that we are ready for the Public Speed/Load Test. 

After that, we will announce the date for the Public Speed/Load Test and publish the minimum technical specifications for participation. This should happen very soon.

Before we run the Public Speed/Load test, we have decided that we would also like to make the Speed/Load Test in ideal conditions; so next week, we will perform the Speed/Load test in these ideal technical conditions using a virtual network and RAM disc.

The results of this test will be published, showing the bandwidth used and TPS achieved when ideal/close to ideal conditions are met.

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