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Mainnet updates.

Dear Credits Community.

We are doing a small but important update oт Mainnet today, January 26th.

We are changing the restriction line for the node holders towards 500k

If you are a node holder, you will receive a message to update the node, as well as a notification that the node will not be able to work with the old functionality starting from the round indicated in the message.

This update applies to all nodes planning to participate in the consensus, the rest of the nodes can ignore this message, do not reboot, and work on the same functionality.

To become a trusted node and to perform the transactions verification function, you must have at least 50k CS on the account. This amount can be transferred to the account directly, or delegated from third-party accounts.

When choosing trusted nodes, their size of the stake on the account of each node is taken into consideration and the larger it is, the higher the node's chances of participating in the consensus. 
The implemented functionality does not limit the size of the stake but makes it senseless to increase over 500k CS. The probability of becoming trusted for any node with a stake of more than 500k will be the same as at the point of choosing a trusted address all nodes with a stake of more than 500k will be randomly mixed.

Nodes with a stake from 50k to 500k continue to compete for participation in the consensus as before, nodes with a stake of less than 50k are not allowed to participate in the consensus.

The update also includes changes to the API regarding the transfer of trusted agents issuing the block and the commission they earned at the same time. Previously, the monitor node has already received such functionality, now it is officially published.

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