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Credits Launching New “Buy Credits” Service

The Credits team is delighted to announce the launch of a service for the purchase of the native CS Coin. The “Buy CS” service is specialized on allowing users to purchase CS Coins directly and conveniently.

With the new service, the Credits community will be able to purchase the CS Coins using credit and debit cards (Visa and MasterCard) officially through the fiat gateways of our partners with a minimum commission. At the moment, the partners are the Mercuryo and BC Bitcoin platforms. However, in the future, the Credits project plans to expand the number of sites making the purchase of CS Coins possible.

One of the priority industries for introducing the technology of the Credits project is the financial sector. We are confident that the “Buy CS” service will open up new opportunities for the development of the project in this direction. For example, integrating fiat gateways with platform products, such as the Web Wallet, Mobile Wallet, and the platform for launching the Bonoox loyalty programs. In addition, this service will become a simple entry point for a new non-crypto audience coming to the project and will provide opportunities for launching marketing campaigns aimed at an audience of new investors.

The creation and development of the project infrastructure is the highest priority of the team at the current stage, as well as the creation of a large user base interested in products based on the Credits protocol.

Additionally, the project plans to launch a crypto gateway in order to facilitate the entry of investors holding other cryptocurrencies. In addition, several integrations with projects such as FinWhaleX, Latium and other projects are to be completed in the near future.
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