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Credits Blockchain Public Speed/Load Test. How to join.

In this publication, we’ve set out the information necessary for anyone wishing to participate in the Public Speed/Load Test.

The date of the Test will be announced additionally.

Hardware specifications

Public Speed/Load Test will be carried out using medium power equipment.

Specifications of Credits' team equipment are 16 GB / 8 CPUs, 100 GB SSD Disk.

Servers configuration: Intel architecture, OS - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64 bit; which corresponds to the infrastructure on which the MainNet nodes run.

How can you connect? 

You can connect from any server with the minimum requirements, which are: 2 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 100GB HDD.

Below are examples of such machines:

  • Intel i7 9th generation Coffee Lake

  • Xeon 2278G* 9th generation Coffee Lake

  • Xeon 2288G* 9th generation Coffee Lake

The node

In the Speed/Load Test, we will be using the TestNet node. TestNet node is incompatible with the MainNet version, as we have introduced some improvements to the node meanwhile preparing for the test. So if you decide to take part in the Test, you will need to install a Test node.

Among the changes made in the node:

  1. Antispam restrictions have been removed. The number of packages checked in one round - no more than 1000 (on the MainNet - no more than 100), the number of transactions to be checked in one round - no more than 1 million (on the MainNet - no more than 1000), the block size - no more than 100 MB (on the MainNet - no more than 1 MB)

  2. Validator with parallelism has got variable functionality where the power depends on the number of cores of your processor, and not only on its frequency. Some settings of the validator are included in the configuration and can be changed at the request of the user, for example, if there is a need to verify the transaction signature.

  3. Logging is disabled partially in those places where it takes a lot of space and time. For example, no block output in hex format, as one block will occupy one log file, and this will have an impact on the result of transaction validation.

  4. Transaction packet and block sizes accepted by the node were increased.

After the Speed/Load Test is done and its results are analyzed, we will add this new improved functionality to the MainNet.

The minimum requirements for nodes to participate in the Speed/Load Test correspond to the minimum requirements of the MainNet.

The Test 

Configuration kit 524 TestNet (523 is currently running on TestNet) will be distributed among those who have confirmed their participation in testing. 

Configuration kit is a set of files sufficient to run the application. It contains public keys and IP addresses of network nodes.

The nodes will be located on all continents. Testers will be able to connect from any part of the world.

The Test will last a few hours (3-4 hours). This time duration will allow us to obtain the necessary data on the blockchain performance. 


This Test is not supposed to be carried out on the MainNet. This is due to a significant increase in the database (several gigabytes per minute). Given the irreversibility of actions in the blockchain, this will lead to an unreasonable increase in the cost of maintaining the Mainnet core, since you will have to constantly pay for storing "useless" test transactions.

For participating in the Test, please join our Technical Discussion Group The further technical information will be distributed there. 

For those who will join only to observe the process, you will be able to watch it on Monitor.

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