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Credits Weekly Digest February 26th

Dear Credits Community, new Friday and new Weekly Digest!

As always we've answered the most important questions received the previous week in our Q&A Session with Igor Chugunov. Please find it here. We always welcome your feedback and questions, please feel free to reach out on our Social Media channels and TG chats. 

Public Speed/Load Test 

Beginning of this week, we decided to take extra time for internal tests to ensure that node is operating as it should after the updates were introduced. So we were running internal tests all this week to be certain that the node is working stable. 

So far we have collected quite decent results in the tests made in the local network and with low workloads. 

Today we’ve launched a new trial in the TestNet, results will be available on Monday, allowing us to decide if we can set the internal test with an external group of testers on Tuesday or Wednesday.  

Blockchain Development

The team is preparing for the April MainNet update. 

Among the changes which will be introduced is the quick-start node functionality. This week we tested the node with a quick-start feature and the overall results are positive. Work continues to correct some minor errors. Team is getting this new type of node running by April.

The other important improvement which will be included in the April MainNet is the enhanced mechanism of synchronization. We were able to reach better results in the synchronization process as an additional outcome of preparational works done for the Public Speed/Load Test in recent months.  

Digital Wallet 

Digital Wallet is getting ready for a release. The release date is in the 1Q 2021, March. 

Apart from these product updates here, we are going through lots of work with external providers necessary for the Digital Wallet operations with fiat and crypto-assets. The payment services niche is highly regulated, and many procedures are set by us in security, AML, and other aspects of the Bank’s functioning. 

All our partnerships are under NDA until the release. However, we will start sharing information on the Security/KYC/AML in the Bank without stating the names of providers yet, so you can understand how it works inside and can be certain that the product is very secure for the user.  

Thank you all for your continuous support and feedback! 

We wish you a great weekend ahead!  

Stay tuned for further news!

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