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Results of Internal Speed/LoadTest with third-party testers

Yesterday, on March 16th we held an internal Speed/Load Test involving external testers. 

The test lasted one hour, from  3:05 pm to 4:05 pm Moscow time.

Nine nodes spread across different parts of the world participated in the test. The nodes were located in the USA, Netherlands, India, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, France.

During the test, we have completed the following operations:

  • over 10,700 blocks built (about 1,700 blocks with transactions), 

  • over 30 million transactions were recorded.

These numbers are eight times higher than the volume of transactions in the current state of the MainNet, and almost twice bigger than on TestNet in all history of operations.

During the test, we have been noticing that in some blocks number of transactions occurring was more than 90k. 

The highest number of transactions per block we have caught in the screenshot is 79902, please see it below. 

The maximum speed reached during the test is 35k TPS, please see the screenshot below.

In this test, we also tested how the modified synchronization mechanism works under heavy loads. The maximum block size during synchronization is up to 7 MB, the maximum size of a set of blocks transmitted per one synchronization request is up to 70 MB.

The test results are currently being processed, perhaps we will further refine the corresponding parts of the code. 

Overall we can confirm that we are satisfied with the results and we plan to conduct another similar test at the end of the week.

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