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Q&A Session with Credits CEO, Igor Chugunov.

Hello all. 

I have covered here questions received from our community last week on the company strategy, vision, and business development. 

Q: “ I like credits but I get upset and feel a lot of dishonesty from the team. Speed test mainnet launch 2yrs ago. And we still talking about it.  4yrs after ICO we still discuss speed test. Shouldn’t we rather be talking things like Dapps on the blockchain. When are we going to put speed test behind and move to executing and bringing developers after 4yrs?”

A: Public Speed/Load Test is very important both: community and the team. Team has done a great job already making the preparational work for this and of course we do deliver news on this event to our community. We also will be doing a general MainNet upgrade in April, as well as developing several important fintech products. As Speed/Load Test is a priority for all, we also keep it in the news focus too. 

Q: “Is there others products under development besides digital bank?”

A: Sure, please check our Product Strategy 2021 for more details. 

Q: “In the past, Credits faced a reputation crisis with the claim of building the faster blockchain in the industry. The public speed test is one way to reclaim this reputation & solidify credits blockchains war. As part of the speed test, I will like to know if the team will be inviting crypto influencers, exchanges, Dapps developers, crypto venture capitalists to take part in the public test? I believe this can go a long way to solidify credits position in the industry. Does the team have this in a mine or will they consider it now?”

A: We are considering this possibility. However, another series of internal tests needs to be carried out and a series of public tests will also be performed. We will be inviting guests from the mentioned industries to some of these tests. 

Q: “Hello team, what is your plan for this week or next week? Could you tell us some information about it?”

A: We usually provide more detailed information on next week's plans in our Friday Weekly Digests. In general, we continue working on blockchain Speed/Load Test and April MainNet Update and we are developing Digital Wallet. Please check our Friday Digest for the nearest plan. 

Q: “Is credits still partners with Oracle and IBM and other companies? If yes, could you describe the partnership?”

A: All partnerships are still in place and they are under NDA, so we can not share details. These partnerships are long-term, so we do not expect soon news on them. When we can share public information on this subject, we will.

I hope I have provided here full answers and thank you all for sending us questions!

Please remember we collect them on our social media and in TG chats during the week, and answer them each Tuesday. Anything else you wanted to ask us, you are very welcome to do so on our channels!

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