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Credits Internal Speed/Load Test Report

The Credits team has recently run the high-awaited Internal Speed/Load Test, and we’re really excited to share the results with our Community!
The test was conducted with 10 members from the Credits Community.

It was completely devoted to the stability of work at high loads, we did not aim to achieve maximum TPS.

Test detailed information:

  • Total nodes: 17;

  • The total transaction generated and stored: 159'207'891;

  • The maximum TPS in this test: approx. 71K;

  • Total test time: 5+ hours (inc. 2+ hours of testing with the Community);

  • Testers participated in rounds 21192 - 35352;

  • Total blocks number: 35352.

Command-line with the blockchain information

Since the previous test, the team has tried to minimize the network congestion that appeared in the previous test.

The node became more fault-tolerant under heavy load. The synchronization of transaction packets was optimized, it became a bit slower. Though, under heavy loads, this solution generally improved the performance since synchronization became not so resource-intensive. However, this did not affect the transaction generators, they can disconnect under high loads.

Despite the difficulties we overcame, we find the results to be quite positive. The Credits team does make progress, and we do appreciate the Community's support.

The current plan of the development team is to concentrate on the Mainnet upcoming updates, so there will be no internal tests with the Community for a while. However, we are considering a series of preliminary public tests soon. Stay tuned, we will keep you updated!

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