News Apr 08 ,2021

Credits Blockchain Roadmap: April - May 2021

After yesterday’s announcement about the Internal Test, we received many questions about our plans. Therefore, we're pleased to share our blockchain strategy for the next two months.

April 12: running the First Public Load Test.
The Test plays a great role for both the team and the community, thus we will conduct several of them. 
The first Test will be held next week. Everyone interested can join: we will provide all the necessary information and instructions. 
That would be great in case a large number of people might be able to join the Test and give it a try.

April 14-30: Mainnet Update Part 1.
The Mainnet update is a very important step. Several fixes aimed to improve stability and fault tolerance will be implemented.

Mainnet Update Part 1 will feature:
  • The new version of synchronization;
  • The refinement of the mechanism for distributing transactions;
  • Multithreaded transaction verification;
  • Quick start of nodes.

May 10-17: Mainnet Update Part 2.
The Update Part 2 will also focus on network stability. It will feature:
  • Restoration of generation from the last blocks;

  • Choosing trusted nodes for certain rounds.

Several more public tests, the dates will be announced later.

May 24-31: Mainnet Update Part 3.
The Update Part 3 will improve the network usability and will feature:
  • API update;

  • Minor improvements.

All the Mainnet updates will be first uploaded to Testnet, afterward - to Mainnet.
We will post a separate article about all the Mainnet updates describing the features they implement. 

Please keep in mind that the dates can be slightly changed due to a great amount of work and circumstances that might occur while testing. The Credits team will try its best to provide you with all the information needed about those events to make the result as good as we can.

We welcome everyone to join our first Public Test on April 12, the manuals and further instructions would be provided soon.

In case of any questions please feel free to contact us in our official Telegram group and socials.

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