News Aug 03 ,2021

Q&A Session with Credits CEO, Igor Chugunov


We are glad to see you at our Questions and Answers Session! Thank you for being eager to keep up to date with everything happening at Credits. Here are the latest questions from our community:

Q1: A few weeks ago Max Diffenbakh posted quite an in-depth update. One of his statements was the following; "At the same time, we worked on the acquirer market, around 200 companies we processed, established contacts, went through the communication and onboard process. The first signings took place in September."Does the above information mean that Credits now has (a portion of) these companies under contract as paying clients for certain projects? Or were these companies investigated by the Credits team to see if any potential partners could be selected to help in the roll-out of the roadmap? Or perhaps both are true?

A: Thank you for closely following the Credits' foreign policy. These are the companies that we have investigated,  negotiated with, and dealt with to find the best conditions that we can provide to our future clients. Such research and communication take a lot of time, and it was pretty a difficult task for our business development department to find partners on good terms. But, as Max mentioned, we have already entered into several contracts.

Q2: Practically, services are operational such as the wallet. What are plans to avoid outage for the entire day in case of a configuration update (like DNS update of today)?

A: I hope it is a solitary case. In addition, we are discussing some options internally (such as creating a reserve wallet, monitor on other servers, and connecting a cloud balancer).

Q3: What is the latest update on the Patent application?

A: We keep you informed of all our updates constantly. Nothing new to comment on at this point. Since the registry is public, you can check it out here - 

Q4: Is IBM/Lenovo still testing on our platform? I know details under NDA but want to know if you actively working with them still?

A: As some of you might remember, we had some level of cooperation with many companies, but most of it was within their RnD directions. As for these two companies, at the moment, there is no great deal of work being done.

Good day, thank you for your questions and participation! We do appreciate your drive for Credits development!

Users have one week to submit their questions. Please do not hesitate to send us more questions you would like to be covered here!

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