News Sep 29 ,2021

Credits MainNet Update September 2021

Dear Credits Community.

Presently, we are going through a general MainNet update, which is the first part of the planned 2021 update. It covers:

  1. Quick start of nodes functionality. This enhancement allows launching the node in a few minutes instead of a few hours. The Beta version of the node with quick start functionality will be distributed to the users tomorrow, September 30th. We will be observing its behavior at work for the next two to three weeks and collecting feedback. After that, we expect all nodes to be updated to a new version. 

  2. Multithreaded transaction verification. The update implements multi-point validation and significantly increases validation speed, improving the protocol's TPS (transaction per second). The maximum expected TPS after the update is 50k.

  3. The new version of synchronization. We will launch this update together with the refined mechanism for distributing transactions; after the two first updates are completed. The synchronization mechanism is optimized in such a way that it will reduce the consumption of network resources.

  4. The refined mechanism for distributing transactions is adapted specifically for high speeds. 

Please note that we have also included the following minor improvements to this update. 

We refined the block processing, transport module, uncertain block states, and some other less-critical fixes.

Upon finishing this ongoing MainNet update, the team will start working on the second part of the yearly planned enhancement, which includes:

  1. Restoration of generation from the last blocks in combination with the consensus approved node ban.

  2. Choosing trusted nodes for more than one round.

The above two updates are focused on network stability. 

      3. API update. The update is aimed to improve node API usability and will last for about two months. The workloads in the chain continue increasing, so this modernization is one of the most critical and time-consuming.

The team is satisfied with all the work done and results reached this year so far.

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