News Nov 22 ,2021

Credits Q&A Session


Welcome to Credits Q&A Session! Thank you for being eager to keep up to date with everything happening at the Credits project. Here are the latest questions from our community.

Q1. Do have an idea about the status of partners? how many? still going? How many DAPPs are running on Credits? How many projects are using Credits blockchain? What is the status of the project and when will they finish the development of basic products to be ready for use?

These are real questions that need to be answered, forget about fudding, emotions, and useless speech. 

A: The majority of the old partnerships are completed, mainly blockchain projects were for the research and pilot stages of blockchain potential. With regards to the new ones, there are new partners in place, and some of them will be announced soon. Please stay tuned. 

As for the projects being built on Credits protocol, several development projects are either at the development or launch stage on the Credits protocol. We will be arranging mutual announcements for official product releases by them. Active community members supporting Credits are also promoting us in different ways, those launching their products will be announcing the releases independently on their corporate and public resources. 

Q2. Are there any dapps being developed on Credits public blockchain? Is there any plan to attract more developers?

A: In the past, external parties were developing some Dapps on Credits protocol, however, this was not very successful. Our idea of attracting new projects and talented developers to the Credits ecosystem consists of delivering products already built on the blockchain. This will include marketing Credits wallet and other Credits software decisions we have created as well as mutual promo of those products developed by external parties.

Q3. I´d like to know if there is a plan to develop games on CS? Now there are many games and developers that want to join to blockchain train and would be nice to know if there are some steps in that direction

A: The Credits team doesn’t have such a plan at present, but external projects can develop games on Credits blockchain. In addition, we can say that we can see the growing popularity of VR games for example, and we may consider this idea later. 

Q4. When can developers count on a professional “tool kit” to try coding on the BCH? Is CS going to promote “independent projects” by enabling the libraries on the BCH besides Center net?

A: Thanks for this question. Can we please ask you to send us more details on this? In the form, it is asked we are not certain about what exactly you mean. 

Q5. How does the node reward system work? Is there a formula for calculating remuneration and where can I see it? 

A: We motivate the node holders with a monthly reward program, where remuneration is calculated and distributed at the beginning of each month. Please see details for the program here.  

Q6. Now the network shows 52 nodes. At the same time, the power of attorney for all nodes is 0. If I am not mistaken, the amount of funds on the wallet was shown earlier. What is the reason for this?

A: The pool of monitor nodes consists of nodes located on several servers, one of these servers collects statistics. Now we are looking up for making statistics more universal, but without strengthening centralization.

Q7. Can the team perhaps share details about the following: "the next task in the road map: creating a new executor and changing and finalizing the architecture of the node to a state where the node can simultaneously support the work of several executors".

A: Currently, the node can work only with one existing built-in smart contracts executor. We plan to make this functionality more flexible so that different executors can be connected to the node (of course, through some compatible API). This advanced type of executor’s API will allow the users to run third-party vendor’s executors with cs node, and several executors at a time could be run with Credits protocol and its extensions. Depending on the type of smart contract, the node itself chooses the connected module for transaction execution. To expand the functionality, we will change the architecture of the node - API - executor.

Q8. Why didn't CS place on decentralized markets like uniswap or pancake?

A: We were answering this question already. The team is focused on the development phase right now, and only after the wallet goes public will we consider coming back to the listing questions. 

Q9. Will this announcement impact the product launch of the updated wallet? Or will the updated wallet be launched regardless and these features be added later during an update cycle? So, will Credits enter the market to serve customers in the near time or is this postponed at least 6 months?

thank you

A: Blockchain improvements we are going through will not affect the release dates of the wallet. We are enhancing the functionality and effectiveness of Credits protocol in parallel with the development works of Credits wallet. As we have stated earlier, the new Credits wallet beta version is now in the testing phase by the internal team and we will start testing this version of the wallet with an external focus group in December 2021. The exact dates of Credits wallet release to the public will be confirmed later. 

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