News Dec 31 ,2021

Credits Q&A Session


Welcome to Credits Q&A Session! Thank you for being eager to keep up to date with everything happening at the Credits project. Here are the latest questions from our community.

Q1. Why do not fix broken links on your website? The monitor ? And GitHub repositories ? It so easy to do this is your business card why don’t do that I don’t understand such unprofessional

A: Thank you for asking. Yes, we are aware that some links need fixing, which are consequences of moving to a new site. However, we plan to fix them all in early January of 2022.

Q2. Where is the road map of 2022? When exactly wallet, neo bank and other will be ready? Why so many delays happened every time? Can you or anyone answer this?

A: Credits wallet to go for an external public test at the end of January 2022. After this test, the team will review comments received and make necessary fixes if required, and the wallet will become available for public use after this last stage. We will continue adding improvements and new functionalities to the wallet after it is in production- more details and precise dates in the Roadmap. Delays in development are not rare; we create new products, and then there is a period of tests and fixes, sometimes we also insert new features during this process. So since we implement changes during the development, the time frame is prolonged. 

Q3. Any plans to get more audits? Like CERTIK for example.

A: Last year we passed a few audits, and current security is high. However, after completing future planned updates, we may do more audits from recognized names such as EMB or others. 

Q4. How many ambassadors are left in the team ?

A: Well, again, great question. The number of ambassadors who continue working with us at this moment has decreased from the Credits project's original launch. All ambassadors working with us full-time can be found on our site. In addition, several high-skilled professionals are collaborating with Credits occasionally, they also act as ambassadors, but they are not reflected on our site. 

Q5. How many people responsible on Credits media team?

A: We do not have a media team at Credits. We have one person responsible for PR. After the Credits wallet is released for public use, we will probably ask for external marketing help to promote it in Europe and the UK. 

Q6 On test release we will only be able to top up our accounts with EUR. 1. Is that the only functionality in the wallet on test release? 2. If not the only one, please put a list of all functionalities on test release. 3. Will we be able to top up accounts with cs coin? 4. Will we be able to buy cs coin with that EUR which we will top up?

A: Thanks for asking. 1. This functionality is the main in the ongoing test. 2. several interface updates are going through tests now. 3. Yes, and this option was added and working already. 4. Yes, you will be able to, as soon as the Credit Wallet is released publically.

Q7 If fiat transfers are made on the Sepa network, what is the role of credits in this process? As far as I understand, cheap transactions are possible thanks to the credit blockchain, but now it is not used, but the Sep mechanism is used. You can get more detailed information about the mechanism of work. Is it possible to transfer fiat to low-commission credit networks?

A: SEPA payments system is a separate system for transferring money, and it is not connected to the Credits blockchain. Therefore, you can not transfer fiat assets in Credits blockchain, though theoretically, you can transfer stable coins (linked to EURO or other fiat currency) via blockchain.

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