News Jan 18 ,2022

Luna Chat expected release

Dear Credits Community! As you may have read already in the official Credits TG chat, our long-time supporters BK successfully completed Beta version of the Luna Chat app based on Credits blockchain!

As from 1st February 2022 Luna Chat Android/IOS is becoming available for public testing.

Please refer to the official site for more details.

This test will be specifically focused on several elements of the application:

 ⁃ Push Notification Server load with multiple users

 ⁃ Decentralized Luna Chat Consensus in different countries (Based on Feedback)

 ⁃ Overall performance on different types of devices (Based on Feedback)

If you are interested in participating in the test please visit :

Credits Team would like to congratulate BK with this milestone passed in the development! We took this opportunity to find out more about the Luna Chat and the idea behind it in this short interview. 

Could you please tell us what is the idea behind Luna chat? In what way does it differ from other chats?

The idea behind Luna Chat is to create an application for the people by the people. Luna Chat is designed for those users who value data privacy and prefer using channels not managed by big companies. The people themselves instead manage Luna Chat, so you can be certain that the data is not used for other purposes.  

How do we ensure this? Luna Chat is built to communicate with the blockchain directly, and only the sender and receiver have access to the message/data transmitted via Luna Chat.

Luna Chat offers a fast decentralized unmanaged chat functionality, and we believe that having control of your data will become a more exciting topic every year to come!

As the application is built on blockchain technology, which benefits does this technology bring to the user? 

There are various things, actually. 

One of the biggest is that you will need to pay a minimal transaction fee of the blockchain per message sent because you have control of your data. This is purely the fee of using blockchain; there are no earnings for the Luna Chat's creators inserted into this fee.

Another difference the user will notice is that sending images is currently impossible in Luna Chat as the Credits blockchain is not meant to process big data. So we are exploring other solutions. We will implement such functionality when we reach the same level of decentralization and security in the future. 

We did extensive testing of Luna Chat on the Credits Mainnet with various valued community members. As a result, we can say Luna Chat is one of the fastest Decentralized Blockchain Messenger Applications out there. It allows you to have a close-to-real-time conversation with users.

Why did you choose Credits Blockchain? 

There are a few essential elements. One of them is scalability and the validation time of a transaction. Credits has one of the fastest validation times while it can be scaled into very high numbers of over 150K TPS (according to the results received in the latest test by Centr).

The load required for chat applications is quite large, and Credits blockchain has the best potential when Luna Chat reaches a big audience.

We are confident we have chosen the right blockchain protocol for the project.

How long did it take you to develop the application? 

It is a difficult task to measure all the time spent on development. We encountered various obstacles that delayed the process, and it took us lots of time and effort to resolve them. One of the reasons for the longer timeframe is that I was learning and developing simultaneously, which led to a much longer startup time. 

Main difficulties on the road met.

The most significant difficulties are related to meeting compliance requirements of the app store policies. Luna Chat is not a generic application but built on new technology, which causes additional questions from compliance. 

In terms of implementing the Credits blockchain into Luna Chat, this was pretty decent. In addition, I created a Credits library for the programming language C# for future applications, which will speed up the process even more.

Is this a final version of chat coming out soon, or will there be further improvements?

We aim to filter out the latest bugs with the upcoming 1 February Android/IOS open beta test; then, we have a clear overview and will start fixing those problems and push Luna Chat for the final version with current functionality. 

The Luna Chat IOS application is finished, but there are still challenges with the current Apple Policy and launching Luna Chat in the Apple store. Still, we were able to get IOS into a public testing version which is a great accomplishment!

Our goal is to provide a solid application which everyone can start using, and there are many plans to improve Luna Chat Mobile.

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