News Apr 21 ,2022

Credits Wallet Public Release

Dear Credits Community, we are happy to announce exciting news for all our supporters. The first public version of Credits Wallet is now available for all Iphone users! Android version is getting ready at this moment, and expected soon!

Here we summarize the features available in this first version, and we continue providing updates for further development progress biweekly.

The Credits wallet application released allows you to perform all main operations with crypto coins including CS, BTC, ETH, and using EURO fiat currency. More crypto assets are currently being added and the wallet functionality is getting improved. All users are supported by technical and customer service. We are there to help you with any issues or questions you might encounter in the app.  

The detailed functionalities and features of the current wallet version are:

  • Pre-paid account in EURO;

  • Crypto wallets in BTC, ETH, CS;

  • Top up - replenishing your pre-paid account with card, or banking transfer (IBAN);

  • Exchange -  (buy/sell); 

  • Send - Transfers are available to external wallets with commission, and free of charge to any internal wallets within Credits system. For external recipients transfers are arranged via wallet address. Transfers to internal Credits user can be done by wallet address, phone number or email;

  • Operational functions - to repeat operations, history of operations, chat with support;

  • Withdrawal - currently withdrawals available in EURO to the banking account. Withdrawals to the banking cards are being tested now and will be added to the next release. 

Dear Credits supporters, we congratulate you all with an important achievement of Credits! Today is your opportunity to become the first user of our wallet. We would like to invite all of you to start using Credit wallet and provide us with your feedback. Wallet is currently available in AppleStore for all Iphone holders. Credits Wallet release for Android users is coming shortly. Please be patient! 

Please note that all users registered in the past for the previous Beta test of the wallet will have to register again and pass the KYC. If your account had any balance on a wallet before it will reappear during the week in your new account after you follow new registration and your KYC is confirmed. Please note that wallet address you had in Beta wallet will be changed too, so you will have a new wallet address and old balance transferred to this new address. Enjoy the wallet and trading with us!
We look forward to receiving any comments and hope you will like this new financial instrument for working with CS and other crypto assets. 

The team is still working on wallet improvements, adding new financial instruments and crypto currencies. So we will be publishing updates for the development progress as usually. We will be happy to hear your feedback towards the first public version of Credits Wallet and looking forward to hearing from you. 

Please stay tuned, more to come!

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