News Apr 29 ,2022

Credits Q&A Session


Welcome to Credits Q&A Session! Thank you for being eager to keep up to date with everything happening at the Credits project. Here are the latest questions from our community.

Q1 What is left of all this

A1  All the documents describing work with Credits products are still relevant and up to date. However, as you know we keep updating and improving both blockchain and the node. So we will be correcting these files with the relevant information after the executor is released for public use. The changes will relate to:

1. Smart contract languages: Java; (Python and Solidity are currently in development);

2. Node types are splitted to normal and trusted and full description to be added. Normal node is a node with the primary task to build a block in the blockchain. Normal nodes are not aiming to become trusted and do not participate in consensus. Such nodes, in addition to the main functions, can have an extended API for exchanging information with monitor or wallet applications. Trusted nodes are nodes that in addition to the normal node functioning carry the task of block’s validation. Trusted nodes of one round can be randomly chosen to become a writer. Writer status means that this node is responsible for sending to everyone in the consensus message about the round change. The writer is getting re-selected when it fails. So any trusted node could become the writer, and being writer doesn’t mean to have an outstanding position in the consensus, it mainly functions as other trusted  nodes;

3. The ongoing development is also focused on the API’s new functioning. The new API description will also be updated in the documentation accordingly. The descriptions provided above are short explanations and we will be updating the documents with more detailed information on each of the changes made in the blockchain as soon as a new executor is launched. 

Q2 When will a new monitor version be available?
A2 At this moment the monitor is still showing some minor discrepancies. It is currently being observed and tested. The reporting period in our monitor is one month. Therefore there is not enough data yet to refine the results. Team continues to enhance it. The test version of the monitor can be seen at If this link will be changed we let you know.

Q3 Now that we have wallet released, we need to have web3 wallet as well to support the dappps and ecosystem development. What is the plan regarding this?
A3 We are positive about the development of the web3 industry, but we have a backlog of tasks planned for the coming months, especially those related to the blockchain and ecosystem development. Presently, we are looking at various ways to improve the blockchain ecosystem, including integrating a web3 wallet, but implementing it already this year, yet is not confirmed. Please stay tuned. 

Q4 Now that the wallet has been released, when will credits start marketing the product?  Which platforms are we going to use to market the product? Is credits going to a company that will do the marketing? Thanks

Q5 Since the iOS version of the wallet is already announced. When will Credits really start marketing? And what will Credits do? 

Q6 When will the marketing start?

A 4,5,6 Thanks for these questions regarding the wallet marketing. We are taking time to receive all the possible feedback from the users for the next two-three weeks. We are also expecting new functions to be added to the wallet in this timeframe and want to receive the feedback on the app after new features are added. This new set of functionalities are currently in the internal testing phase and should be moved to the publicly available version of wallet very soon. 

As soon as we are confident in a positive user experience, we will be launching a marketing campaign for the wallet. Marketing will be done inhouse, we are not planning to reach out for external help. However, if we realize the need for an external agent for marketing, we will arrange it. 

Q7 Will the team do a vid or ama on the new wallet release?

A7 Yes, we will be arranging video material for the Credits wallet, please stay tuned. 

Q8 When will the wallet have banking and loyalty rewards features integrated?

A8  Implementing loyalty rewards in CS is within this year's Credits wallet roadmap. So, yes, a loyalty rewards programme will be added to the wallet during 2022. Adding new banking products is also in the roadmap for this year. 

Q9 When they integrate the contactless payment function, so we could use it as a normal banking app, pay for goods and services, let's say through google pay.
A9  We plan to integrate banking ( for banking accounts and cards) in Q3 2022. Team is already working on integration, but yet these functionalities are not added to the public version of the wallet. Option of contactless payment will be added together with the banking operations, but please note contactless payments will be available only for banking cards in EURO and GBP. Payments in crypto will be added most probably already in 2023. 

Q10 I am very concerned by the silence of the team, hate to say but it looks very fishy. Why no news or updates, just silence and lies. ¿Where is the CEO?
A10 Credits team including the CEO were fully busy with Credits wallet development as well as blockchain updates and there was no reason for the extra public announcements from the team. With the launch of a marketing campaign for the wallet we may try to come out with a video message from the team and the CEO. Please stay tuned. 

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