News Feb 20 ,2020

Credits Joins Oracle for Startups Program

Credits has joined the Oracle for Startups program to collaborate and extend its technological solutions with those of the world-class cloud solutions provider.

The Credits platform is one of the leading decentralized solution providers on the blockchain market operating in a variety of industries. The company’s blockchain infrastructure operates on the PoA algorithm and conducts transactions with a speed of 1 second and costs per transaction starting at $0.001.

The platform is being developed by an expert team of programmers and is advancing in its stages of adoption and distribution among international and domestic clients with multiple companies from the oil and gas, logistics and other sectors relying on its solutions for their business processes. 
Some of the market sector categories that the platform allows creating products in are decentralized applications and services such as:

  • DEXs;
  • Gambling and gaming applications;
  • Marketplaces;
  • Escrow services;
  • Mobile and web wallets;
  • Blockchain research applications;
  • Stablecoins;
  • Applications for financial, insurance, logistics, medical, industrial and consumer goods.
In addition, to create its own solutions, the Credits platform has entered into a collaboration with Oracle for Startups after realizing the potential for business interaction between companies. Working together, companies can enable customers with the ability to develop products based on the technologies developed by their in-house technical teams.

Given the features of blockchain technology, every startup business planning to deploy its technology-based application needs to launch a node to interact with cryptocurrencies and their platforms. The Oracle Cloud platform is the ideal solution as the optimal environment for launching nodes quickly and efficiently.

Oracle for Startups is a unique acceleration program that enables mutually beneficial business-building partnerships for startups, the customers, and Oracle. The program starts with a free cloud and expands to a rich collaboration that brings opportunities to engage with Oracle’s vast network of mentors, product experts, and customers. The program is creating a virtuous cycle of innovation, as Oracle for Startups grants its partner projects the opportunity to automatically receive cloud credits to start building on Oracle Cloud. Some of the products offered as part of the project include Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Blockchain, Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Analytics Cloud, Container Engine for Kubernetes, Oracle Integration Cloud, and many more. 

The combination of solutions offered by Credits and Oracle for Startups can become a game-changer for many business niches. One of the industries where blockchain technology can prove its suitability is the video game industry.
The Credits blockchain is an infrastructure platform that can create better and more secure video game content registries capable of quickly identifying media assets and their owners. Such approach can significantly reduce the risk of litigation by content owners and ensure that they will receive timely and fair remuneration for their content.

The Credits blockchain can also be employed to create content registries that can quickly and automatically identify assets and establish ownership every time the content is made use of. The automation of the process and the speed with which the Credits blockchain operates means that human interference in the process of content rights identification and compensation becomes redundant.
The use of the Oracle Cloud solutions in storing its royalties data through the use of the Credits blockchain can benefit the entire industry in the near future.

Given the expansion of applications for blockchain technologies in the coming years, the cooperation between Credits as the leading decentralized solutions provider and Oracle for Startups as an established and versatile solutions provider and developer grants businesses a reliable partner when seeking decentralized and technologically advanced solutions. The requirements of the modern business environment are fully covered and catered with the combination of Credits and Oracle technologies.

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