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Developer’s Journal #24

Credits team is excited to present the November edition of the Developer's Journal!

Our developers did an excellent job and made several improvements for the most effective performance of the platform. This article includes Mainnet version 4.2.436.0 download links, information about current release fixes and technical roadmap for 2020.
We are glad to announce the release of an updated Mainnet Software version 4.2.436.0. The release is available for download using the links below:
 Speed Improvements
  • Abolished the broadcast of requests to participate in consensus by sending directly to current trusted nodes
  • Accelerated the performance of subsystem indexing and viewing all transactions
  • Increased the speed of consensus completion (in certain situations, for example, when more than half of the required signatures are ready for a new block in the absence of 100% signatures)
Stability Improvements
  • Fixed a possible stop of a node during the long reception of a large number of incoming requests for creating transactions
  • Implemented a dependency on the amount of funds on the account node in the algorithm for selecting trusted nodes
Security Improvements
  • Implemented validation of blocks before writing to the blockchain on each node in order to completely block any invalid block
  • Strengthened control over the implementation of smart contracts and their generation of a large number of knowingly invalid transactions
  • Strengthened the node control over the work of the executor
  • Expanded preliminary transaction verification on the node's API input
  • Implemented transaction verification on each node when distributing transactions between nodes
  • Added several additional checks on the result of calling a smart contract before consensus process
  • Added a mechanism for accounting nodes that can send knowingly invalid transactions in the form of spam (on all nodes of the network in order to limit the possibility of such distribution)
Technical Roadmap for 2020

*Staking coins delegation capability - the ability to transfer rights between two wallets to use the owner’s funds as a stake by another node. The transferred funds are frozen. They cannot be used, except as staking. Delegation can only be revoked by the owner of the wallet that has delegated the funds. Asset transfer is a transaction that can be issued through the Web and Desktop Wallets. The transaction is public and can be tracked through the blockchain explorer.

*Blockchain management transaction - a special type of transaction that is necessary to save the voting result on any issue on the blockchain. All transactions are transparent, any user will be able to track transactions through the blockchain explorer and verify the fulfillment of the voting conditions, the number of votes, the amount of stake, etc.

*Voting & decision-making system - method of making collegial decisions within a decentralized network. Decisions may concern the protocol or other changes in the capabilities of each node with or without a version change. If the decision on the voting proposal is positive, a control transaction is formed. It is signed by trusted nodes and published on the blockchain. The voting transaction contains only technical information (meta-message) for the system with a period during which these conditions come into effect.

We were excited about Credits further adventures to come. With every new edition of the Developers Journal, we improve our technology and adapt it for our users for more optimized and comfortable use. Thanks to everyone for being with us. Stay tuned for more news updates on our media!
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