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Credits Announces Launch of New Blockchain-Based Product Line For Fintech Sector

Credits is delighted to announce that it is releasing a new line of blockchain-based products for the fintech industry. The fintech sector is currently the leading trend for market development on the global economic stage. As such, the Credits platform seeks to cater to the audiences of users resorting to decentralized financial solutions by offering a range of convenient products.

The main products of the new line being developed by the Credits platform include:

The Credits Wallet – a convenient and secure digital asset storage application with staking and delegation functions for native CS coins. The wallet is designed for both private and B2C sector clients.

The Bonoox loyalty program platform allows users to create and promote loyalty programs. The users of Bonoox can receive payouts and exchange bonus points.

Credits Cards are specialized worldwide payment instruments for both fiat and cryptocurrencies. The cards offer users the possibility of top-up via debit and credit cards worldwide with fast transfers.

The Credits Stablecoin is a new digital asset pegged to the US Dollar at a 1 to 1 ratio and backed by USD located on the company’s bank account. The asset facilitates global remittances and the conversion of digital assets to fiat.

I am confident that our products will be in demand since in addition to having a unique technical base in the form of the Credits blockchain platform, they are designed on the basis of the latest trends on fintech e-commerce and other markets. They are tailored to catering to people’s needs for convenience and next-gen features,” as stated by Igor Chugunov, the CEO of Credits.

The Credits team welcomes all willing to see the full line of digital products and start using decentralized solutions for enhancing personal convenience and financial operations.

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