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Credits Monthly Report, September 2019

Milestones and Achievements, September 2019

We would like to thank all our active participants and representatives of the Credits team for supporting the project and taking steps towards expanding and promoting our technology. Over the past month, we have been able to significantly strengthen our market position and improve our platform. Soon, there will be more interesting updates, but now let's remind you of what events have taken place in Credits during September 2019: 

Technology Development

  • In the technological aspect, the development team has worked to improve and optimize the current platform processes and has made a few corrections. You can find more detailed information in the latest edition of the Developer's Journal #22   
  • To increase the decentralization of the main network and make a re-check of its performance we have been conducting the Partial Swap throughout the month. As a result, it has allowed us to attach many nodes to our Main Network. To date, more than 40% of applications has been processed.
  • Dev team has made several Main Network Updates to fix network routing, to add the process of automating network restructuring and distribution of neighbors. Also, we have fixed problems with the corruption of the database and the stoppage of node operation 


  • The release of the Community Update #2 with CEO & Founder Igor Chugunov shares the company's current success. The video presents the priorities and vision of the team
  • To help our users become more familiar with a Credits Web Wallet and its capabilities we have made a Crypto Web Wallet Tutorial & Features Review
  • Credits team has conducted Telegram AMA to disclose company information in more detail, familiarize the crypto community with the current state of affairs and ways forward
  • The release of Credits Browser Extension “Ceser” on Google Web Store which has made the dApp more accessible for the mass of users
  • We have announced the Trading Competition together with KuCoin to promote the development of the Credits trading community and encourage our active traders


  • Credits has attended the annual conference for business decision-makers Oracle OpenWorld 2019 on September 16-19th where we managed to make several business contacts and discuss joint opportunities with large companies
  • The collaborative event Blockchain Bridge Conference that took place on Sept 18-19th in San Francisco was also a great platform for Credits to promote its initiatives and obtain the support of the good companies
  • Credits team has initiated the Live AMA session with Ectroneum and Fusion on its Youtube channel on the topic of "Blockchain Technology for Social Impact"
  • We have taken part in the Ethereal Summit TLV Blockchain Week to gather the required information and establish new contacts
  • AWS Partner Summit in Frankfurt was another event where Credits has managed to study the current AWS opportunities and make several contacts with the leading companies of the global market 
  • A great chance to present the company’s eco-system capabilities and its adaptivity to the demands of the market was the D&DD Summit TLV Blockchain Week. The results of the negotiations will serve excellently for further steps in the development of the company in the market


  • Credits has partnered up with Russia's oldest leading chemical producer VHIMPROM. The agreement relates to the launch of a pilot project on the implementation of blockchain technologies into the chemical manufacturer’s supply management and sales systems
  • Credits and Ideofuzion partnership is an opportunity for knowledge sharing and technological growth, which will enable leading to significant expansion on the market
  • Partnership agreement with the Crypto Intelligence Agency will also allow expanding the use of the Credits platform due to the extensive database of a single contact center

Public Swap

Over September, we presented several technical updates concerning the start date of the Public Token Swap. Based on the results of comprehensive testing, we have identified that the work of the Credits network core is stable. However, we would like to improve the performance of Monitor and Wallets before the start of the final swap, as the common look of the infrastructure is an important part of the business environment. That is why we are driving to finalize the following:  
  • Improving the work of the Linux version of the network node to increase stability during the node's operation and its synchronization with the network;
  • Updating the monitor node to improve the caching process and information display;
  • Verifying system components for security, since the safety of holders' funds is our top priority. We will not allow what has happened with some other projects, where wallets were hacked;
  • Reconfiguring the start server system to increase effective bandwidth when connected to the network, as well as optimizing the distribution of nodes (neighbors) to increase the speed of distribution and transmission of information within the Credits network.
  • Integrating the protocol with hardware wallets
  • Integrating the Credits protocol with exchanges
Therefore, we continue to conduct a gradual partial swap, at the same time optimizing the network and testing it with the help of Credits community. There is very little time left before the start of the public swap! Remember that the project team is committed to you and to the quality of the products. As soon as we meet the development requirements for the beginning of swap, an exact date of the public swap will be announced on social media.


As you can see, every month the Credits team tries to deliver you some workable new results and works step by step to bring the technology to the sophisticated level. September turned out to be a very fruitful month for Credits in achieving its goal of occupying a worthy niche in the modern market. Our success would have been impossible without your large endorsement. Together we have made a major leap forward and together we will achieve our further goals. Continue to keep abreast of developments and updates to the Credits Blockchain Platform. We greatly appreciate your support!
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