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Credits Blockchain Hosts First ICO Based On Its Own Protocol

Credits team is glad to announce the launch of the first ICO based on its blockchain protocol. The FDCE (First Decentralized Commodities Exchange) platform for investment in Metal Bonds Token Offering will be the first such undertaking launched on the Credits platform.

The FDCE is a specialized platform designed to make the mechanism of investing in “digital bonds” simple and accessible for users of all levels. By providing potential investors with a broad choice of companies from around the world, the FDCE intends to make investing in world-class enterprises accessible to average users. The company’s plans also include the implementation of high standards of control and selection for companies aiming to launch their MBTO on the platform.

The advantages of digital assets are numerous for both investors and companies seeking to digitize their equity. The investors will be presented with the opportunity of investing in crypto market assets at low-risk levels using specialized instruments that are not dependent on the volatility of the shares of companies seeking to place their assets on the platform in the form of tokens. By resorting to such a type of placement, the companies will be given the opportunity of receiving additional funding for their businesses by making their commodities-backed shares available on the open market for a wider audience of investors.

The hard cap of the given ICO will be set at 8 million USD, which will be raised in CS coins. The collection process will be divided into 3 rounds with different prices per asset. The rounds will include the private sale (0.088 USD), the pre-ICO (0.176 USD), and the ICO (0.356 USD). The total number of DCET tokens issued is set at 100 million. The remaining coins will be transferred after the token sale to the insurance fund of the First Decentralized Commodities Exchange to maintain liquidity and protect against force majeure circumstances.

The launch of the first ICO on the Credits platform marks an important milestone for the project and highlights the versatility and application capabilities of its infrastructure.

Disclaimer: The Credits project team does not call on its community to participate in the given token sale and is not responsible for any user funds invested in the given project. All users are free to participate in the token sale of the given project at their own risk.
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