News Aug 27 ,2019

Partial Token Swap

Credits Blockchain Platform is glad to announce the opening of applications for partial token swap and welcomes everyone eager to make an exchange starting from 50k CS. Thereby, we provide you with an opportunity to swap the required amount of tokens to stake a node,  so you will be able to join network consensus and to get rewards for transaction validation. The partial swap will start on September 5 and is directed at increasing the decentralization of the main network and the final re-check of the network performance before the public swap.

2019 is a grand year for the Credits platform and laborious for its team. The upcoming significant event in the company is the token migration, which is an integral part of any working platform. That is why the Credits team, in order to keep its community in the loop and prepare the platform, conducts a partial token swap which is in the run-up of the main large-scale swap.

Steps For Participation:

  • Open the application form - 
  • Enter the correct Ethereum wallet address where you store CS ERC20 tokens
  • Enter the correct Credits wallet address from which you know the public and private key and have a json file for password recovery
  • Provide us with your email address. We also recommend you to specify your Telegram username
  • After filling out the application form Credits support team ( will contact with you for further convertion of your ERC20 tokens into native CS to your wallet
The next steps will be announced in a timely manner and Credits team will inform you of all updates. Stay with Credits.

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