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BC Bitcoin Integrates Credits Coin (CS)

BC Bitcoin announced on January 28 that it has successfully completed the integration of the native CS coin of the Credits blockchain platform as part of its fiat gateway. 

All investors and the Credits project community can now use the services of BC Bitcoin to buy and sell the CS coin using their debit and credit cards with a commission of up to 5%.

The procedure for buying the coins is straightforward and convenient for all users, and includes the following steps:
1) Go through the registration and KYC procedures on the official website of BC Bitcoin.
2) Go to the page and perform the following actions:
  • Select the coin you want to purchase;
  • Select the payment method;
  • Select the currency (currently available in EUR or GBP);
  • Select the purchase amount (EUR or GBP);
  • Select the Credits platform public wallet address.
3) The CS coins will be transferred to the user’s wallet within 15 minutes.

About BC Bitcoin

BC Bitcoin is a UK based professional cryptocurrency brokerage firm. The traders employed by the company have over 30 years of combined trading experience, which they apply for maximizing users’ income by purchasing coins for the best possible price.
BC Bitcoin has access to a wide range of coins circulating on the cryptocurrency market. The company also has access to a variety of liquidity pools and OTC trading channels. The cryptocurrencies available for operations on BC Bitcoin include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple, as well as a wide range of altcoins and up to 1000 different coins. BC Bitcoin is engaged in brokerage activities and is dedicated to managing and tailoring each order as per the client’s requirements and to suit their needs.

About Credits

Credits is a fully decentralized, blockchain-based infrastructure platform founded in 2017 operating in the US, Singapore and Russia. The platform operates on the basis of the innovative Proof-of-Agreement protocol. The infrastructure is designed to allow various industries to take advantage of blockchain technologies and issue tokens or launch decentralized applications.
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