News Aug 09 ,2019

Meet the Corporate: Oracle Conference Report

On the 8th of August, Credits took part in the exciting London & Partners “Meet the Corporate” event with Oracle to discuss and analyze possibilities of engagement. The program was established to unleash the companies’ business potential and find solutions to implement ideas. “Meet the Corporate: Oracle” format allowed the participants to discuss the issues of partnership and opportunities to enter new markets.

“Meet the Corporate: Oracle” event that was held on Thursday in London, was an excellent venue for Credits to meet the Oracle’s team, explore the company’s features and showcase itself to the existing Oracle Customers. The meeting made it possible to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the market, as well as the possibilities for their implementation.

Credits was represented by its ambassador Ruslanas Michrabovas who presented the facilities of Credits and was honored to make contact with Nishant Singh, Co-founder at Transper and Mil Williams, Founder at Better Biz Me Ltd

“It was a great opportunity to meet high potential companies with similar thoughts. We've studied the ways how Oracle collaborates with startups and had fruitful conversations with other similar minded people of how Credits blockchain could be integrated in their businesses. Later on, we plan to bring the issues of development to a new level and continue our negotiation process to consider the possibilities of implementing our ideas”, - said Ruslanas Michrabovas, Ambassador at Credits.

Transper - fintech platform that provides liquidity and transparency in deep tier supply chain reducing costs and credit risk. It helps corporates provide transferable payment obligations against accepted invoices.

Better Biz Me Ltd. - company that works with Al, develops apps & software and helps to maximize human skill sets in various modern industries. 

Companies had evinced an interest in Credits activities and we are looking forward to having further discussions.

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