News May 04 ,2020

Credits Mobile Wallet Release

The Credits team is proud to announce the release of the first version of the Mobile Wallet. As the underlying goal of any blockchain project, adoption is very important and with the release of the first version of the Credits Mobile Wallet, the project made the first step to reach global adoption in the Banking, Loyalty and Crypto industries.

Credits wallet

Neobank for easy purchases with benefits by using the Credits mobile app. Credits team delivers a product that offers consumers an opportunity to make purchases and receive the most beneficial cashbacks in CS coins. In the meantime, the Credits team keeps innovating to add more features to the mobile wallet. The user will experience discounts and automatically accumulate bonus points.

The main product features of the application are:

  • Bank cards Mastercard

  • Cashbacks 

  • Bank transfers

  • Cryptocurrencies like CS, ETH, BTC and Stablecoins will be added gradually

May 4 Release

On May 4, 2020 we release the first basic version which has the following functionality:

Cryptocurrency direction

  • Account registration via SMS and Email. All account actions

  • Opening an account on the Credits blockchain 

  • Moving CS to your account

  • In-app storage of funds

  • CS transfers: internal off-chain transfers and external on-chain

  • Backend: Master Accounts

  • History of Internal and External transactions

  • Purchases of CS cryptocurrency through a third-party provider

Loyalty Card Catalog

  • Catalog of digital loyalty cards

  • Add and store new digital loyalty cards

  • Join Loyalty Programs

  • Bar-code 

  • Add any card you keep in your wallet

Q2 Release

Functionalities in development which are planned to be released in Q2, 2020:

  • KYC procedure: Personal data, documents, Photo-ID verification

  • Credits Tokens

  • Transfers by phone number and email

  • Adding more languages

  • Cashback in CS. Bonus program for registration and use of app

  • Ability to store and transfer BTC, ETH

  • Opportunity to buy BTC, ETH at competitive prices

  • User-friendly CS purchase integration

  • Referral programs 

Q3-Q4 Release

  • Ability to make banking operations with Visa / Mastercard Debit and Prepaid 

  • More award programs in CS, USD, EUR 

  • IBAN account

  • Multicurrency

  • Fair Interbank Exchange Rates

  • SWIFT / SEPA transfers

The Mobile Wallet is under review by Appstore and GooglePlay. Now it is available for download via these links: 

iOS -

Android -

What is a Loyalty Card?

Bonus cards of your favorite stores, similar to traditional plastic cards. The Credits app allows you to take a photo of the loyalty card and convert it to digital form, which eliminates the need to store plastic cards.

Example of Usage

How to add a digital loyalty card to my favorite store?

  1. Visit the Search Page

  2. This page provides an extensive list of stores available in your area. Available regions: United Kingdom, Netherlands, Russia

  3. Choose one of the stores, add your loyalty card

There are 2 options on how to add the card:

  1. Add an existing card by selecting in the catalog, enter the card number, take a photo or upload the front and back of your card

  2. Add a new card not represented in the catalog, make a photo of the card and it will appear in My Stores section

Credits team is very keen to continue the development of the Credits Mobile Wallet to incorporate more features and to make it your favorite app for everyday use.

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