News May 11 ,2020

CSTool Service Release

Credits team is glad to introduce a CSTool service developed by Bas Knappers.

CSTool provides Credits users with the accurate detailed information about the Credits Blockchain Platform. This service has the following functionality: 

  • Usage of data from Credits Blockchain Platform and provide statistics in Telegram and on the visual interface in different formats
  • Provides statistics on Node performances and shows the amount of staked coins per node
  • Enables hourly notifications on Telegram that easily can show if a node is working or not
  • Withdraw/deposit notifications that enable Credits Users to get the information when there is a transaction to his/her account with the detailed description
  • Provides easy access to the greylist or blacklist of nodes
  • The visual interface with a graph that provides information about every node behaviors or a world map to show the trust count per country
  • Total node performance ranking

About Credits is a company starting operation worldwide as a network-based payment system supporting online money transfers and alternative electronic payment solutions built with the use of blockchain technologies and traditional payment methods.

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