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Interview with Danny Fitzpatrick, Credits Advisor

Credits is glad to announce a new advisor - Danny Fitzpatrick.

Danny has been an Executive in the Fintech Industry for over a decade, specifically in the Digital Payments, Cloud-Based Banking and Virtual Card, Prepaid Card and Debit Card Sectors. In this capacity, Danny has worked along with Government bodies and with major companies in the Travel-, Airline-, Loyalty-, Payroll-, Insurance-, Cryptocurrency, and Banking-Industry while developing Industry Initiatives. He has also liaised with Senior Executives of Visa, MasterCard, Card Processors, Card Manufacturers and Card Issuers as part of building Fintech-related Card Businesses. 

Danny is an Industry Expert in respect of Fintech Industry Structuring, Distribution, Regulations, Anti-Fraud, Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Compliance, KYC and AML. Prior to moving across to the Fintech Industry, Danny occupied Senior Positions in the Money & FX Markets Industry, in various Major International Banks, including Williams & Glyns Bank (now Royal Bank of Scotland), Christiania Bank (now Nordea Bank), Barclays Capital Markets, Mizuho Bank and Commerzbank. Danny has also previously been a Senior Trader of a London-based Hedge Fund, primarily engaged in managing clients’ SIPP Accounts.

The following interview will help you gather information about Danny Fitzpatrick, Credits Advisor.

Could you tell us about an accomplishment that shaped your career?

- My team was one of the first to launch a Mastercard prepaid card for gaming in 2014. I always looked outside the norm to bring new programs to the market.

What challenges did you face while working at Omnio Group?

- The main challenges came from the regulators and Issuers, discussions were required to smooth the process for acceptance for programs that were not mainstream.

When did you familiarize yourself with cryptocurrency and blockchain?

- I familiarised myself with crypto and the blockchain at a very early stage of the industry. I attended various conferences, to understand the benefits of crypto, the blockchain and how they were mined and the objections the industry encountered.

How do you assess the market development prospects?

- The market is on a steep growth and awareness path, with Central Banks looking to launch their own digital currencies and with the relaunch of Facebook's Libra, this will bring more attention to Cryptocurrencies and blockchain into the mainstream. In addition; the devaluation of fiat currencies through quantitative easing, could lead to cryptocurrencies offering an alternative.

What do you value most about Credits technology and goals?

- The values that Credits offers is inclusion, an global inexpensive product, cashback solutions, simple onboarding solution all backed by state of the art in-house technology.

What is Credits doing well, and where is there an opportunity to grow?

- Credits have built the platform from the ground up; they understand what is required to be successful and they have delivered a best in class platform.

What do you plan to accomplish with Credits?

- Working in partnership with Credits we plan to launch a digital multi-currency payment product linked to clients accounts. The product will be used for fiat and crypto exchange, general spending, in-store and online transactions globally, with incentives.

Credits appreciates and carefully appoints each of its employees. We are attentive to the initiatives and ideas of our team members, which allows us to take new productive steps in the modern market of innovative technologies.
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