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About Credits

Financial Super wallet

Credit is a super app that combines multiple financial services in one place, including debit cards, banking accounts, payments, and cryptocurrency.

We have developed a unique platform that enables you to manage all these services seamlessly, without the need for third-party partners or intermediaries.

As a result, it is much simpler and up to 3 times more cost-effective to use. It's an all-in-one solution!

Why Credits?

Credits simplifies Users' experience.

Users of Credits don't need a bank with cards and current accounts, an exchange, a self-custody wallet or a separate on-off ramp.

All these products are integrated into a single Credits Wallet, saving users both time and money!


Licensed payment providers.

European license for cryptocurrency operations is in Lithuania.

Debit Cards and IBANs are provided by our European licensed Electronic Money Institution partner, Unlimit.

Money protection scheme.

Segregation of money storage. Neither the Credits Company nor anybody else has access to the customer's funds except the Customer themselves.


Maintaining all local and international compliance requirements.

Credits maintains all European, local and International compliance requirements.

Security is our priority.

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