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Credits and CS Crypto Wallet. Two Mobile Apps Release are pleased to announce the release of two mobile wallets for iOS and Android users at once - the CS Crypto Wallet and the Credits Neobank.

Main Goals

The Credits team is fully focused on the popularization of the CS cryptocurrency and Credits products. We aim to attract as many users as possible. Several million over the next few years. Furthermore, the team will continue the development of new products and work on expanding its presence globally.

All of our products have an integration of CS coin to increase the demand of CS and for it to become a valued cryptocurrency.

  • Cashback in CS

  • Referral program with CS

  • Staking program in CS. The more CS in your account, the more discounts you can get.

  • Stable tokens issued on Credits

If you want to use only cryptocurrency and remain anonymous, the CS Crypto App is here for you. If you want to buy and sell cryptocurrency for national fiat currencies - use Credits App which requires a KYC procedure. 

We’re going to start with the European market first. The Eurozone and the UK have a combined population of 514 million, with 33 million cryptocurrency users. This particular market is growing rapidly, around 50% per year and is expected to grow for many years. 

Credits mobile apps are designed to make it easy for everyone to use cryptocurrencies and especially CS. Pay with cryptocurrency, buy crypto and exchange crypto.

Credits - Neobank

A mobile payment wallet designed to enhance the user's purchase experience by allowing users to make purchases and instant transfers using fiat and crypto assets with only marginal, competitive fees.

Application features

The main advantage the user receives is an App that combines cryptocurrency and fiat functionality. Create your account, pass the KYC procedure and start using it!

  • Buy cryptocurrency

  • Sell cryptocurrency

  • Crypto and token transfers

  • Issuing Visa or Mastercard Debit Cards

The first version of the Credits mobile wallet has the following functionality:

  • Registration for your account by phone number and email

  • KYC Procedure: Personal Information, Photo ID Verification

  • Instant transfers of CS and Tokens by phone number, email and barcode

  • History of internal and external transactions

  • Buying CS cryptocurrency through a third party provider

At the moment Credits team is working to add the VISA and Mastercard savings, SEPA accounts and transfers; purchase of CS, BTC, ETH by card and Sepa. Our team is aiming to implement this functionality within a few months.

Set up your wallet in seconds by entering your phone number and password. Verify your account to use the Credits platform for CS transfers and, a little later, Tokens and BTC, ETH.

Download links:

CS Crypto Wallet

A universal cryptocurrency wallet that supports CS coins and tokens issued on the Credits blockchain. It allows for quick and easy direct transactions on the Credits blockchain. CS Crypto combines convenience and ease of use with a high level of security and privacy on Apple and Android mobile platforms.

CS Crypto is a fully decentralized and anonymous wallet, the functionality of which is implemented on the basis of the unique Credits blockchain technology. With CS Crypto, your funds are in your hands; only you have access to your wallet and no one else. The app does not store your private keys, so keep them safe at all times. 

CS Crypto functionality:

  • Generation of public and private keys

  • Instant CS and Tokens transfers

  • Safe storage of digital assets issued on Credits blockchain

  • Transfers via QR code

  • Complete anonymity

CS Crypto is very easy to use. The Registration of your account takes only a few seconds. Just generate public and private keys, put them in a safe place and start your journey into the cryptocurrency world now.

Download links: