Credits Wallet Updates

The public versions of Credits Wallet are now available for both: Iphone and Android users. However, these are not yet the final versions of the product, which is still getting improved and polished. 

Here you can find all our recent news and updates that have taken place over the past few weeks in development progress of Credits Wallet. This Digest covers updates from the last two sprints the team has completed. Public Credits Wallet will get updated with new features in the near time. 

Mobile app and user flow

  1. Account statements in a mobile app is available now

  2. Transaction receipt in a mobile app is available now

  3. General improvement of the UI of mobile app and web wallet

  4. Hiding currencies with zero balance

  5. Added "City" field to Personnel Info

  6. Web Wallet - added multilanguage (on a test environment)

  7. Web Wallet - added card verification

  8. Buy crypto - Crypto purchase widget  is now available on the site

  9. BuyCrypto: implementation of full KYC in the client flow

  10. Added more than 20 cryptocurrencies (WBTC, SHIB, AXS, GRT, APE, MANA, QNT, THETA, MATIC, CRO, LINK, SAND, MKR, FTM, CHZ, ENJ, BAT, 1INCH, COMP, ZRX, SUSHI, POLY, YFI, AAVE

  11. Added more than 30 trading pairs(for currencies listed above)

Back office and operational work

  1. Implementation of a “base currency” for calculating limits

  2. Improvement of filters in the back office

  3. Management of exchange pairs in the back office

  4. Managing the products available to each individual client in the BO

General updates

  1. Fee calculation adjustment

  2. Integration and testing of accounts at Mobile app and Back office  levels continues (on a test environment)

  3. Refactoring and bug fixing

Please expect the appearance of newly added features in the updated version of Credits Wallet! Please stay tuned!