Credits blockchain updates

We are excited to share with you what our team has been working hard on lately.

Recently, the blockchain team was involved in updating the node client to compile the Solidity smart contract and prepare for deployment and execution of transactions.

The integration of Solidity smart contracts, in our opinion, can give a boost for the development of the Credits blockchain ecosystem. It will be possible to quickly transfer ready to use products from other blockchains, integrate with many Dapps, DEXes, etc., and the entry point for new smart contract developers will also be significantly reduced.

At the moment, the node can deploy simple contracts and execute them.

The API concept for Solidity smart contracts has been redesigned. The system for signing such a transaction and verifying the signature has been improved.

At the moment, work is underway on the implementation in the node of such functionality as deploying a contract with parameters, deploying libraries, launching a smart contract inside a smart contract, deploying a smart contract inside a smart contract.

On a separate EVM, this functionality already works (except for deploying a smart from another smart)

This video shows the operation of a smart contract - deploy, launch without parameters, launch a getter, launch a getter with a function that changes the state of the contract, launch a contract with the function of setting all contract parameters, checking the operation of such a function

We want to remind you that all the above updates are under development or internal testing.

When they become available to the public, we will definitely let you know how to participate in testing.