Credits has launched a new website

Credits has launched a new website!

Hello community! Credits is here.

The more observant of you may have already noticed that has undergone a major overhaul!

It's time to update the site, introduce you to the new interface, products and services.

One of the main goals was to make purchasing the products as easy as possible for the user. By focusing on this task, we have tried to implement the quickest and most transparent path to services related to the acquisition of cryptocurrency assets.

Also, we have not disregarded the procedure for registering and downloading mobile applications - now you can register and download the application quickly and easily! Everything is done in such a way that you can immediately access all services with the most comfort.


Additionally, we want to note the work carried out on the expansion of language packs.

Currently, there are four languages available on the site: English, Ukrainian, Turkish and Russian. In the next month, up to 10 more major world languages will be added to the site.

Help Center

Looking for help? Check out our Help Center where you'll find answers to all of your questions!

We understand how important it is for our users to have access to comprehensive and accurate reference materials. That is why we pay special attention to the development of our Help Center. 

The team is constantly adding new questions and answers to provide the most up-to-date information and make sure that each client can quickly and easily find the answers they need.

The Help Center is also available in several languages. We want to make sure that everyone can find the information they need, no matter what language they speak or are most comfortable with.

At the moment, the Help Center contains about 500 of the most popular questions and answers. This makes it a great resource for our users who want to learn more about a particular topic or simply find the answer to a question they are interested in.

The team is working on expanding the Help Center to include answers to as many questions as possible.