Individual EUR current accounts in Credits wallet (IBAN)

Credits is launching a new product for its users.

This is Individual European IBAN accounts for EUR payments online by using the Credits app.


IBAN is a complete European account. A user can open a similar account in any brick and mortar bank (UBS, Barclays, Citibank, etc.) or in a Neo Bank (Revolut, Mono, N26).

Using an IBAN account together with the Credits crypto functionality opens up new possibilities at the intersection of two financial systems (classical and crypto) for each user.


Here are some of the most popular options now available to Credits users:

  • Funding your personal IBAN account with crypto inside Credits.

  • Investing in crypto assets through an IBAN individual payment account.

  • Instant transfer to crypto assets within one interface: Credits

  • Convenient balance replenishment and withdrawal via SEPA in EUR. 

  • Transfers and payments to any European IBAN account.

This is a completely new product on the crypto market, not available on other exchanges or wallets.

Differences between an IBAN current account and a cryptocurrency balance

The main difference between an IBAN account and a balance inside a crypto wallet is that IBAN is the same as a bank account. It allows you to make transfers to third parties, receive from any individual, organization or partner.

The Individual IBAN account enables you to use the Credits application as a fully fledged Wallet for payments.

With an Individual IBAN account, you can send transfers and pay bills throughout Europe. And when withdrawing to a bank card - all over the world.

On the Credits’ crypto wallet interface, the user can see their fiat balance in EUR, GBP or other currencies. It is possible to replenish the balance from a bank card or from an individual IBAN settlement account.

The user's fiat balance in the crypto wallet (Crypto screen) is completely different than the user's individual IBAN account in the Wallet section.

The difference between an IBAN account and a cryptocurrency balance is that you cannot send your funds to another recipient or make payments to organizations from a Credits fiat balance, from another crypto wallet, or from an exchange.

Replenishment and withdrawal are only available to another account or user card opened for the same person.

New operation for crypto users

A Credits user can transfer EUR to third party accounts, receive wages and transfers, transfer funds to recipients or users in other countries.

At the same time, you have all of crypto’s functionality at your disposal and an instant transfer from crypto to EUR and other fiat currencies!

Both the launches of a fully fledged Wallet for payments and VISA payment cards, which are scheduled for release in Q1 2023, are huge steps toward a fully-integrated Credits’ Payment App for crypto users.