Dev. Journal 07.13.2023

Last week we populated the Testnet with new nodes that support the block reward functionality. 

After our tests on different networks, the introduction of block rewards in testnet seemed quite planned, so we are looking forward to the next Mainnet update with this kind of nodes. 

We plan to update the builds repository as well as the codebase so that anyone who wants to can build the node for the upcoming Mainnet upgrade. We'll provide the necessary instructions to make this process obvious and not difficult. 

Besides, we continued testing and fixing the Linux version of the solidity node and started developing the necessary tools for those who want to use solidity on our network - the Webwallet with multi-version compiler and the possibility to deploy the compiled smart contract. 

This solution will be more reliable, as the local desktop versions of wallets do not support all versions of Windows and Linux and should be tested for each version of the operating system to ensure compatibility and accuracy.