The Credits' app will soon include both virtual and physical cards!

We are delighted to announce that the Credits’ App will soon feature both virtual and physical Credits Debit cards! Experience seamless financial transactions, both online and in person, at your fingertips.

You'll have the convenience of managing your finances directly through the Credits’ App with our versatile card options—both virtual and physical.

We are proudly launching our innovative Credits Debit cards in August-September 2023, opening new horizons for everyday convenience.

Virtual cards will be available first, followed by physical cards in a couple of months.

What's in store for you? 📌

Our cards support online and in person payments, offering various top up methods: SEPA bank transfers and, most importantly, instantly top up from your cryptocurrency wallet inside the Credits’ App. Our card system will be operational in over 180 countries, wherever Mastercard is accepted!

The benefits of our Credits’ Debit cards are unique, combining functionality for crypto users and traditional banking services. It's the crypto-friendliest card, making banking and cryptocurrency services seamless and easy.


1. Instant Funding from Cryptocurrency Wallets: Easily fund your card directly from your cryptocurrency wallet inside the Credits’ App.

2. Easy Withdrawal to Cryptocurrency Wallets: Seamlessly withdraw to your cryptocurrency wallet, which enables cryptocurrency purchases.

3. Convenient Payment Methods: Use payment methods within the Credits app, just like a regular bank. No restrictions like crypto exchanges and wallets. Pay for services, transfer money to friends, or family—it's all possible with Credits.

4. Secure Storage of Fiat Funds: Your funds from your individual bank account are completely safe, accessible only to you through a separate segregated account.

Virtual Card. 💳

Soon, you'll fully appreciate the convenience of virtual Credits Debit cards that are accessible through the Credits’ App on Apple and Android. Say goodbye to carrying multiple cards—the virtual Credits Debit card handles all of your digital payments with just a single tap. Global Reach: Enjoy unlimited access to your Credits Debit card account using the new virtual Credits Debit bank cards, enabling seamless transactions worldwide across platforms and with merchants.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming release of our virtual and physical Credits Debit cards, elevating your financial management with the Credits’ App. 

Enjoy seamless, secure, and convenient transactions—level up your financial game today! 🔥