Credits Mining Pools: Official Announcement

Credits Mining Pools: Official Announcement

Credits is pleased to inform our esteemed users and stakeholders of the official launch of our proprietary mining pools.

Operational Changes:

The introduction of Credits mining pools eliminates the necessity for individual users to operate their nodes or seek delegation within the community. By availing the Credits mining pools, users can delegate their CS coins seamlessly, ensuring a more streamlined operation.

Fee Structure:

To manage and offset the operational costs associated with maintaining the nodes, a commission fee of 20% will be levied on the user-mined coins.

Data Access and Reporting:

Details pertaining to the pool addresses and the respective available slots can be accessed 📲[here]. As part of our commitment to transparency, all pertinent statistical data regarding node operations will be available in the aforementioned table until further updates on the Credits Monitor platform.

Upcoming Features in Credits Monitor:

Credits Monitor is slated for an update that will incorporate the "Delegations & Rewards" feature. This will allow:

- Node publication for delegation.

- Delegator rewards disbursements.

- Setting of delegation parameters.

- Comprehensive node evaluation by delegators.

- Review of individual delegation records and rewards.

Mandatory Pre-requisites:

Before delegating your funds to a Credits node, it is imperative to get in touch with us via Telegram.

(@bobolovesred or @botstorm)

This ensures that all your queries are addressed and you are fully aware of the terms and processes.

We appreciate your trust in Credits and aim to offer optimal CS coin mining solutions.