Invite a friend and you'll both get $25.

How it works

A Credits user can participate in a marketing program by inviting friends. For each invitation, the user earns $25, and the invited friend also receives $25. 

A unique personal link that records registration on Apple, Android, and the web version of the product.

Referral Requirements

Both the inviter (referrer) and the friend receive 25 USDT when the friend starts using Credits Wallet through your personal referral link.

The invitee (referee) should:

  1. Have a fully verified KYC account and open Credits debit card.

  2. Replenish their IBAN account or card with at least €25.

  3. Conduct at least 3 card transactions totaling a minimum of €15.

Read more in full program terms here.  

Example of the link

Here is an example of a link that can be obtained on the mobile apps or on the web wallet:

Screenshots of the application

Personal invitation link

To receive your personal invitation link, you can use both mobile (Apple and Android) and web apps. To see all invited friends, use the web app at

Screenshots of the dashboard on

The link to the program page here.