The Febrary 2024 update for the Credits Wallet

The February 2024 update for the Credits Wallet includes the following new features for iOS and Android

In this release, we have addressed numerous errors and performance issues. Key updates include:

**Mobile Application**

1. Added new functionality - Tariffs. With the premium tariff, many services will become much more advantageous.
2. Push notifications. Transactional notifications, alerts about completed operations, and other notifications have been fixed and optimized.
3. Fixed an error causing the application to crash during transfers from Dedicated IBAN to fiat balance in EUR.
4. Empty data fields in transaction details have been eliminated.
5. Fixed the problem with considering the space in thousandth sums when using the MAX button.
6. Fixed the issue of re-requesting a canceled document during errors in completing operations, causing the notification "Already confirmed."
7. Solved the problem of automatically updating the account balance after completing an operation.
8. Fixed the issue with displaying "0" values during exchanges during currency swaps.
9. Improved application performance. Work continues, but the loading speed of data has significantly increased at many steps.

**Web Wallet**

The process of updating the web wallet continues, including important technical changes and visual edits.

**Now the web wallet is temporarily unavailable. Please use the mobile application.**