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Dev. Journal 2024.06.14

Tha past month since the last dev-journal news release we had a very intensive work to reach the main goal - possibility to publish source code of node and all its saltellites. But instead of light-weighted adjustment of code we encounered some parts of used libraries renewals and deprecations. This affected the direction and timing of this task. We had not only to build the app from code ourselves, but to make it possible to do it for every person, who is interested in it. Besides we shouldn't lose any functionality that we have. Sometimes the work seemed endless and the number of unfulfilled test cases were very upsetting. But now we are finishing the preliminary module and local tests and plan to update testnet on this weekend. In case of success the mainnet update will be in the middle of next week and in the end of it we expect the upload of all node and its satelites last updates with build instructions. Despite the big time consumed by this task, we plan to fulfill the main Q2 goals and finish the solidity mainnet implementation too.