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Dev. Journal 2024.07.06

In the end of last week we finally published the updated source code of node, finalising the large task included node infrastructure updates, security fixes and config arrangements. Besides during q2 we are nearly completed Solidity to mainnet implementation, and now with published code this procedure will be transparent and understandable. We didn't try to fix our attention on small cases (they will be fininshed later), such as SDK's and docs, because of the most importance of the two solved tasks. 

During work on the chain interaction procedures (*)

we found that sometimes it's impossible to fulfill it without the necessary connection level, provided with correct standartized API. So next stage of our development will be upgrading node with corresponding API, after that we'll be back with solving these tasks. The overall roadmap realization according tasks is:


* SDK golang - postponed

* SDK Rust  - postponed

* Development and testing Solidity to mainnet - done

* SDK upgrade  - postponed

* Rewriting texts on dev portal - postponed

* Rewriting texts on GitHub - done 

* Drop CS on Ethereum - (*)


* Ordering code on GitHub - done

* SDK contracts - postponed

* Development and testing Solidity to mainnet - done

* SDK upgrade - postponed 

* DEX - (*)

* Deposits’ launching - (*)

* Partnership with cold wallet - (*)


* Ordering tech docs on dev portal - postponed

* Testing and launching Solidity to mainnet - testing and merging with obtained master-branch code is not complete

* Start bonus system in AppWallet - (*)

* DEX - (*)

* Launching CS coin in cold wallet - (*)

Q3 roadmap we plan to publish on Tuesday. Stay tuned.