Credits Obtained European Crypto License

Credits team would like to share great news for all our community! From now on, we are entering a clear path towards the European market. To achieve this, we have taken several important steps, including obtaining a compulsory crypto license!

Today, the payments sector is obsessed with technology and globalization. The development of innovative ideas and the provision of appropriate conditions allows the company to reach a new level of a more global network. Our task is to effectively carry out ubiquitous and efficient transactions between users, gradually expanding our user base. 

With the introduction of an increasing number of our partners, among which there are companies-acquirers, we have increased the opportunities for our users. The essential step in the development of our technology becomes obtaining a crypto license for Credits business niches. In response to this event, we would like to identify some new advantages for our crypto activities:

  • Legislation of virtual value;

  • CS currency is tax-free; 

  • The official license for a versatile exchange of virtual currency and fiat currencies;

  • Official crypto-wallet license.

Credits Mobile Wallet based on blockchain technology will be available to users with all new features at the legal level! Distinctive peculiarities of our crypto bank are:

  • Instant Transactions

  • Zero Fees 

  • Global Accessibility

As previously announced, our partnership with the Axcess Merchant Services acquiring company has been instrumental in bringing Credits technology to the European market. It will potentially support our internal currency of CS (Credits) by accepting Visa / Mastercard bank cards within the Mobile Wallet app by providing acquiring and gateway services, and fraud prevention tools for more smooth and reliable working performance.