Receive a $10 bonus and participate in a $1000 quiz.

Start using Credits and get a $10 welcome bonus!

Welcome bonus program.


Start using the Credits debit card and get a welcome bonus of $10 after fulfilling program requirements.


A client should open a Credits account and complete one of the following conditions:

  • Buy or sell crypto via your IBAN account totaling at least 150 EUR.

  • Apply for a Mastercard debit card, fund it with at least €50, and make a minimum of three card payments totaling no less than €15 within the first 15 days of registration.
  • Welcome quiz

    The company can conduct a monthly Welcome quiz, offering a prize of $1000 for all new customers. Remuneration of $50 will be paid to 20 randomly selected new users, registered during the past month.


    Remuneration is paid in USDT at a ratio of $1 to 1 USDT, credited to the wallet within 5 to 10 days of the next month. The company reserves the right to payout the remuneration earlier after fulfilling the program terms and requirements. Full program details terms.

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