News Sep 11 ,2020

CREDITS Weekly Digest

This week went as fast as usual for the CREDITS’ team, and here are some highlights!

We watch our community on TG and try to follow up on your questions immediately, however, when a more detailed reply from us is needed, we provide it within Tuesday's publication: Message from CEO. We encourage our community to ask us anything.

This week we had 2 interesting articles. One is to expand on how Credits Protocol works, and the other is on KYC practice. Please find them both in the News section if you have missed out.

The latest update on Node Reward Program was out on Sept 9th and is also available in the News section.

We have finished Credits Community Airdrop, which we run from 2nd to 9th of September, and where we accepted over 5k applications, yesterday we have randomly chosen 20 winners who were in full compliance with the rules and rewarded each of them with CS coins in the equivalent of 50 USD.

Our Team continues to work hard on Blockchain protocol development as well as CS wallet improvement. Some press releases for our products’ updates are to come out in the next few weeks. 

Install our CS Wallet! Android/IOS

Credits Wallet provides highly efficient service for cryptocurrency operations

You can buy, sell, and send Crypto assets with amazing speed and super low commission.    

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