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Q&A Session with Credits’ CEO, Igor Chugunov, Dec 15th.

Hello all. 

Below I have covered questions related to the company strategy, vision, and business, received from our community. 

Q: “How many days left till the token burn 🔥?”
A: The last day for swap is December 20th. So we will count all tokens not swapped and announce the exact amount of tokens for the burn as well as the burn date after December 20th. Burn day will be at the end of this year. Details will be announced.

Q: Hi, where can I read about installing a node and forging rewards? How to delegate the coins? And what's the ROI?

A: Hi, thanks for asking. For installing a node please check our technical documentation. The node Rewards Program we have in place for node holders can be found here.

Delegation is simple. There are two buttons to delegate and to return, you need to insert specifications on amount and addresses there. The screenshot is below for a demonstration. 

Q: “Can I be sure that if this website will hold or hold my private key and address info? I mean my CS coins will be kept in % 100 decentralized place. Even the owners of this website will have no access to my CS wallet address or private keys etc ... ?”
A: If I understand correctly you are asking about the web wallet. We do not collect or store any user information. You can download the web wallet site to the PC and generate a pair of public and private keys even without the Internet. More information on cryptography and how we use this method in our products can be found here.

Q: ”Logistic companies can run applications on CS blockchain? These partnerships still going on which made previously? And when will they be implemented into blockchain ?” And from logistic transactions on blockchain CS holders will get fees from each transaction?

A: These partnerships will not go ahead with full scaling, at least as yet. They have completed pilot concepts on our blockchain. The adoption process is not moving forward after that.

I hope I have provided here full answers and thank you all for sending us questions!

Please remember we collect them in our social media and TG chats during the week, and answer them each Tuesday. Anything else you wanted to ask us, you are very welcome to do so on our channels!

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