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Credits Weekly Digest February 12th

Dear Credits Community, another Weekly Digest is here!

In case you have missed our Q&A Session with Credits CEO this week, where we answer your question on company business strategy, please read it here. 

Public Speed/Load Test.  

This week we have implemented the solution to stabilize the node with high transactional loads. Today we started internal tests, which will be continued for a couple of days. We are running the node in tests to ensure its stable performance. Next week we aim to hold a Test with external developers. The Public Speed/Load Test will follow after this, we hope to hold it in the last week of February/1st week of March, the exact date will be announced.

Today we’ve released details of how the Public Speed/Load Test will be organized, including hardware specifications for participation. So if you are planning to join with a node you have got quite enough time to get ready for it. Please read the full article here.

If you have any additional technical questions related to the Public Test participation please send them to our Technical Discussion Group

Digital Wallet 

Some details on our progress in building the Digital Wallet and adding finishing touches before its release.

  • We are launching a second (backup) acquiring provider, currently at the KYB check stage

  • We are launching a second (backup) card issuer provider, currently at the KYB check stage 

  • We are optimizing the work of the back office and antifraud procedures of the Digital Wallet

  • We have added ERC-20 Stable coins (USDT/USDC) and started testing them

The release of a new version of the Digital Wallet is scheduled as per the Roadmap in this Quater.

Dear Credits Node Holders, please check here the January Reward Update!

Dear Credits Community. This week was very productive for us. We would like to thank all of you for your continuous support. It is crucial for us to have your positive feedback on all our Social Media Channels. Your likes on Credits CMC and CoinGecko pages are pushing us to a different overall score. We are very grateful to those sending us these thumbs-ups. It helps us to win a better market position!

We wish you a great weekend ahead, and stay tuned for the news from us next week!

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