News Apr 14 ,2021

Q&A Session with Credits CEO, Igor Chugunov.

Hello everyone. 

I have covered here questions received from our community last week on the company strategy, vision, and business development. 

Q: Is the digital bank and card usable now or is that just something in the road map?
A: Bank accounts and cards are currently under development. Now this functionality is in the process of integration with partners and internal testing.
Bank accounts will be available this quarter. Then the cards will be released.

Q: a) After the public test, what is your plan to create more awareness of the project? Any plan to make new people know how fast the transactions is with Credits?
b) When the team will start their marketing campaign? We have a public test recently, dont you think its good idea to start this marketing campaign to gain more exposure?
c) How many companies in the World are capable to reach 50.000+ TPS ? When CS is one of the very few, is there any reason not to promote this fact at least on a crypto currency World scale ?  Would promoting proven CS technology attract business and capital injection? 

A: Only the first of a series of public tests has been completed. 
This test was done primarily to better understand how the network will behave under loads. 

Of course, we will provide more public tests and we want to attract attention to them. However, this is not a priority for us in the near future. We must now focus on improving the stability of the network under load.
We have a number of mainnet updates ahead, which will affect the load test as well.
More details about the plans can be found here - 

Q: We have a public test recently, the peak was 50K+ TPS. How high was the stable TPS in the public test we had yesterday? Is there another test in the future? What is your expectation on it?
A: In general, we got good results, but for details, it is better to wait for the test report.
We will publish it in the near future.
You can find plans for development and next tests at the link above.

Q: Is CS technology development possible without new funds?  Larger funding will be helpful to accelerate CS development, financing the labor-, marketing- and PR situations. Do you think more funds will increase trust, reliability and trust in Credits? 
A: Of course, Credits development will not stop without new funds.
The new fund will help us get to market faster and expand our ecosystem.

We plan to work in this direction, but first, we need to launch products on the market.

Q: What milestone/accomplishment is the team waiting for before they fully engage in marketing?
A: Launching a digital wallet is the main thing to do before starting marketing campaigns.
In our opinion, this will give rise to users and draw attention to Credits.

Anything else you wanted to ask us, you are very welcome to do so on our channels!

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