News Apr 15 ,2021

Credits first Public Load Test Report

The Credits team has recently run the first Public Load Test, and we’re really excited to share the results with our Community!

The test was conducted with 20 members from the Credits Community.
We are very grateful for your participation.

Test detailed information:
  • Total nodes: 28;
  • The maximum transactions per block. - 55k
  • Stable network performance at load above 20k TPS
  • Total test time: 4,5+ hours (inc. 1,5+ hours of testing with the Community);
  • Total blocks number: 22к+
We identified new problems with the initial synchronization of nodes when restarting the system. The reasons are currently being studied.
We will fix this, and it will be included in one of the next mainnet updates.

We are very pleased with the results achieved and will try to make them even better in the next tests.
You can read about our further plans here!

Thank you for staying with us

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