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Credits Weekly Digest

Dear Credits Community, our weekly news update!
Adjustment to MainNet
The other day we tested a new assembly of a node in the MainNet since the turned-on nodes are fully compatible across the basic infrastructure. Despite the successful implementation of a similar process on the TestNet, this test has shown the need for additional internal measures to make the system more efficient. Due to the factors associated with the formation of the blockchain state and the change in the inner part of the wallet processing code, we faced the difficulty of executing individual smart contracts and forming their final state in the MainNet. We are currently conducting a further study on this matter. All the activities will be refined and updated in subsequent progress reports as further analysis and tests are conducted.
What is next?
We have a May month ahead, which means more network and product updates! We are currently performing tests that mainly add revitalization and fixes for our tech developments. We will keep you informed about all our modifying activities.
Please keep in mind that dates may change slightly due to a large amount of work and circumstances that may occur during testing. However, the Credits team will do its best to meet the required timelines! You can find our development plans here!
Credits Wallet
We are currently undergoing a process of reviewing and testing Credit Wallet to implement additional features. Several bugs were identified and fixed on the front-end, server-side, and back-office during the audit. We have also launched the first release of the web version of the wallet for internal testing, which will have similar functionality to the mobile application.
As usual, we’ve answered the most important questions received the previous week in Q&A Session with our CEO Igor Chugunov. Please find it here.
We welcome your feedback and questions, please feel free to reach out on our social media and in TG chats. 
Thank you all for your continuous support and feedback! 
Credits Team wishes you a very good weekend, stay tuned for further news from us!
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